When shopping online and in-store, gender-targeted products are everywhere. From cosmetics, to accessories, to beauty products, etc. To this day, major brands still market most of their products based on gender.

At ANDRO Cosmetics, we want to change that. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to buy and use whatever product they like, without having to be faced with gender stereotypes imposed by social norms.

What we don't believe in, is marketing and displaying products based on gender. We don't believe in social restrictions as to who should or shouldn't buy/use a product.

At ANDRO Cosmetics, we support all gender expressions and identities. We support everyone, passionate about cosmetics, beauty and fashion.

What we don't support is discrimination, stereotypes, biases, prejudices against a person or a group, based on their gender expression and/or identity.

We take pride in promoting diversity and inclusion around the globe. We are proud of our motto: Defy Gender Norms.

It's with that in mind that ANDRO Cosmetics Genderless Online Shop, a starting Canadian business based in the National Capital Region, was founded in November 2017.


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